Today, over 100,000 Americans
Are Waiting For A Life-Saving
Kidney Transplant

What is the Erma Bombeck Project?

Today, over 100,000 Americans are waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant. The Erma Bombeck Project provides the facts and reliable resources to help individuals save a life—whether by registering to be a non-living organ donor, or considering the gift of life through a living donation.

Erma’s Legacy of Hope

The life force of Erma was always optimism and hope. It sustained her throughout her family life and her career—and drove Erma in the later years when she was ill. She was convinced that out there, somewhere, were people so selfless and families so compassionate they would commit to the ultimate act of love—a gift of life.

Erma said it best: “The real heroes and heroines are the patients who are hanging tough and the donors who are faced with hard decisions and give humanity a good name. We are about preserving life. It is indeed a gift.” The Erma Bombeck Project carries Erma’s vision forward.

While non-living donors are the mainstay for the majority of organ transplants, The Erma Bombeck Project’s goal is to also raise awareness and increase the number of living donors. We urge you to register to be a non-living organ donor, and share the message of living donation.

Save a life. It’s in you.

Thank You Bill Bombeck and Family

and the many friends and fans of Erma Bombeck.

Your gifts to the Erma Bombeck Memorial Fund following Erma’s passing on April 22, 1996, added to gifts from Andrews McMeel Universal, have funded this important program. Your continued involvement has been vital to the success of the Erma Bombeck Project. Our shared commitment is to close the gap between the number of individuals who need a kidney and the number of kidneys available.

Additional thanks to the educational volunteers from Arizona’s transplant centers, and to all those who contributed their time and talents to the Erma Bombeck Project and its contents.